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Beihua University is comprehensive university, approved by the Ministry of Education. It was founded in 1999 by the combination of the original Jilin Medical College, Jilin Teacher's college, Jilin Forestry College and Jilin Electrification Academy. The university has four campuses: the south, the north, the east, and the west campus, which totally occupies an area of 1,263,700 square meters with a floor space up to 830,300square meters. Currently, the University has the total enrollments of 23,189 students, including 18,803 undergraduate students. The University has 31 academic colleges, 4 teaching departments, 38 Master's programs, 1 Professional Master’s program (of Medicine), containing 9 kinds of specialties, 21 courses of first class.

Among 1,559 faculties, there have been 717 professors, 858 associate professors, 1 provincial famous master, 1 provincial chief professor, 1 provincial key professor, 5 provincial fine young and middle-aged mainstays, 1 provincial advanced expert, 6 provincial young and middle-aged professional and technical personnel with outstanding contributions, 12 provincial top-notch innovative personnel, 30 winners of special State Council allowance, 11 famous masters of university, 65 pioneers of their courses and 97 fine young and middle-aged mainstays of the school, at the end of March, 2011.

It has successively established exchange and cooperation relation with 38 universities or educational institutions from countries like USA, Japan, England, Poland, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Canada, European countries. During the combination for 7 years, the university invited nearly 170 foreign experts and scholars to deliver lectures, sent nearly 160 fine young and middle-aged mainstays, scientific researchers and management mainstays to America, Japan, Russia, South Korea, European countries.
In August, 2006, the Ministry of Education approved the university to accept Chinese government allowance for foreign students. The university has more than 700 foreign students from different countries.

Beihua University, Medical College (former Jilin Medical College- WHO enlisted in 1951)

Beihua University, Medical College, (former Jilin Medical College) whose predecessor was set in 1949, is made up of 7 colleges and a Center of Life Science Research. The number of teaching and administrative staff has reached 1345, and among the 426 full-time teachers, about 100 are professors or associate professors. The college recruits more than 4,000 students including 300 international students in clinical medicine program (MBBS). They mainly come from India, USA, Canada, Australia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arab, etc. 

Faculty hosts 2 laboratories co-built by the central government and Jilin Province, 2 Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers, 9 key labs of Jilin Department of Health. Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, and Clinical Laboratory are all key disciplines in Jilin Province. The MBBS program taught in English in Beihua University is approved by the Ministry of Education of China from 2010.
Beihua University is recognized by WHO (World Health Organization)  and the graduates of MBBS program are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries such as MCI, NMC, PMDC, USMLE, PLAB, HPCSA, SCHS etc.

Teaching Hospitals:
 There are 4 major affiliated hospitals and 49 practice bases teaching hospitals with over 18000 beds.

MBBS PROGRAM (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) 

MBBS program with the course duration of 5 years and one year compulsory internship. The program will be conducted in six months semester basis. Students can do their internship in their own country. It is not compulsory to do in university hospitals.

Eligibility criteria & enrollment process:

Candidates should be between 18 and 35 years old and in good health and hold the foreign valid ordinary passport.

Student should have passed intermediate level or 10+2, O-Level, F. Sc. or A-Level through science stream with biology/pre-medical subjects, high school diploma or Medical Undergraduate Diploma.


The total Course Fee  is Rs 20,45,000 ( 31,460 USD) to be paid in installments as the following:

a) Rs 2,95,000 to be paid in 4 parts (50,000 + 50,000 + 1,50,000 + 45,000) in Vadodara Office to secure a Registration for the student in Beihua University and it includes:

  • Registration Fees,
  • Admission Fees to the University,
  • Documentation Charges,
  • Enrollment Fees,
  • Airfare for the student (one time)
  • Visa charges,
  • MCI Eligibility Certificate collection,
  • Post Landing services.

Fee Structure 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Tuition Fee 30,000 RMB 30,000 RMB 30,000 RMB 30,000 RMB 30,000 RMB
Hostel Fee 5,000 RMB 5,000 RMB 5,000 RMB 5,000 RMB 5,000 RMB
Total Yearly Fees 35,000 RMB 35,000 RMB 35,000 RMB 35,000 RMB 35,000 RMB

*** From 2nd year student may stay outside campus. Approx rate of sharing a flat is 2000 RMB per student per year.

TOTAL  1,75,000 RMB in 5 years (Rate per that day)

INR. 17 50 000 (1 RMB = 10 INR approx.) Fees will be calculated as per the exchange rate applicable on the day of payment.

Fees and other charges not included in the package

RESIDENCY FEE                                        :      400 RMB/YEARLY
MEDICAL INSURANCE                             :      600 RMB/YEARLY
FOOD COST                                               :     Rs 8000/- per month approx.
Books @ Rs 5000/- per year along with all items for personal use.

- Any fare related to any form of transport mode other than the 1st time.
- Any insurance fee that the student may opt for while his stay in China.
- Any Charges due to any damages caused to any other students or to the College
- Any charges related to test, retest due to the failure in normal scheduled test  in any semester in any year.


Beihua University is located in Jilin City near to Changchun Airport, China.

By Air:

There is no direct flight from India to Changchun till date. So the easiest way of air travel at present is from New Delhi to Shanghai Pudong airport by different Airlines.

From Shanghai to Changchun again by different Airlines

New Delhi to Shanghai Flight Time:

5.45 hr to 7.00 hrs depending on the airlines and time of departure

Shanghai to Changchun Flight Time: 

2.30 hrs on any flights.

We will keep a minimum of 3-4 hrs as layover time to complete the process of immigration.

Advantages in Beihua

01. Very low tuition fees and hostel charges and food cost.

02. All these Universities are in the MCI approved list.  see MCI website

03. Option to do Internship in your own country.

04. First World standard teaching, lab, equipments and other facilities in these medical universities.

05. Indian teachers and other teachers from the Indian sub continent. So there will be no problem in understanding English pronunciation.

06. AC Hostel with attached bathroom for International students, totally separate from the Chinese hostel.

07. Our own Student's Co-ordinator who can speak English, Hindi, Bengali, Chinese fluently will be present in  the campus in the initial few days on behalf of us to look after the students send by us.

08. Scholarship available for international students.

Traveling Tips and Guidelines in China


1.Passport (All passports if you have previous one)
2.Air Tickets (We will have copy of that)
3.Copy of the Visa (Keep a xerox copy)
4.Copy of Admission letter (We will too have a copy of that)
5.Foreign expense for Fees and Living expenses. (Fees in USD + 600 USD min)***
6.Copies of all Educational certificates obtained in your country of origin from 10th std.
7.Medicines like Vomiting Tablets, Acidity, Loose motion, Cotton for ears and ear drops, any other medicine as per instruction by the doctor of the student.

While Travelling
- Keep your check in bag weight within 20 kgs and hand bag weight within 5 kgs
- Any excess baggage will be chargeable by the airlines (Rs 2000/- per kg approx). Please note that the weight of baggage at home and at airport will always vary due to unknown reasons. So please carry enough local currency so that excess baggage can be paid for.
- Always carry your important documents in your hand bag only. Wear a waist pouch bag to carry money and passport there.
- Do not ever accept any parcel from any stranger at the airport.
- Do not make any relationship with any unknown co-passenger in the flight.
- Do not forget to take along with you your hand bag, pouch, mobile, etc etc while using toilet in the flight or in the airport.
- Do not carry gold jewellery  or any other expensive ornaments along with you.
- Maintain discipline at the airport and in the flight.
-Do not consume any liquor if offered in the flight. If any nuisance caused in the flight will result expulsion from China immediately you land there.
- Carry black ball pen to fill the emigration, customs and entry forms in the airport.
- Wear shoes which is compulsory for both boys and girls during the travel till you reach the Medical University in China.
- Full hand shirt with light sweater or any other warm clothes are advised while traveling due to low temperature in the flight and in the airports.
- Last but not the least…give respect to all the Chinese you come across while your travel to the University and always be polite.

Donts to be followed in China
1. Do not get involved into any sort of any political activity or never make any remarks about any political aspect in China.
2. Do not even try to pass any lewd remarks to any girls inside the University or outside.
3. Do not fight with any person inside the University or outside.
4. Do not try to steal anything from the shops or departmental stores or anywhere in China.
5. Do not allow a deep fall in percentage of Attendance in the University classes.
6. Do not go out alone outside the University in the 1st year until and unless you know the Chinese language a little bit or else you may not be able to return to the University.
In 2012 only around 14 students were expelled from the Universities in China due to a) Stealing of goods (5 students), b) Fighting in public places (6 students) c) Molesting girls (2 students) d) Poor attendance in Class (1 student).

Please note that China is a very much strict country where everyone abide by the law and in China if a student do any sort of crime then he will be expelled from the University at once.

In China security is thats why in the highest level in the whole world.